5 Signs of a Bad Divorce Lawyer

5 Signs of a Bad Divorce Lawyer

You are thinking about hiring a lawyer right now. Make that decision carefully – it is one of the most important you’ll ever make. These 5 signs will help you narrow your choices. Never hire a lawyer that:

1. Lacks Numerous Positive Reviews

Any lawyer can tell you how great he or she is. But what do former clients say? You’ll learn more about a lawyer in five minutes of browsing reviews on a website like Avvo than you will in a two-hour conversation with that lawyer. If you like what former clients have to say, odds are, you’ll have a similar experience. If a lawyer has poor reviews or no reviews at all, the think twice before going with that lawyer.

2. Lacks Extensive Courtroom Experience

Your case is probably going to be in Court, or close to it at some point. Ask your potential lawyer up front what courtroom experience he or she has and how often they go to court for clients. Brian Walters and Jake Gilbreath have handled thousands of hearings and trials and is in Court several times a week.

3. Has for Hidden Fees

When hiring a lawyer ask the lawyer if the lawyer’s office charges for copy costs or faxes. Even in our modern world of email, DropBox, Google Drive, and e-fax, most firms still charge for copy costs and faxes. Charges for a single sheet of paper can range up to $1 per page! Many firms also bill in 15-minute increments, meaning that a 2-minute phone call costs you 15 minutes of lawyer time. Lastly, some firms don’t refund unused retainer fees. Unbelievable, right?

4. Isn’t Easily Available

When hiring a lawyer, don’t be embarrassed to ask if he or she gives out a cell phone number. We live in a modern world. There’s no excuse to tell a client that she has to call a landline number during business hours and hope that their lawyer happens to be in the office. There’s no excuse to have to wait days or even weeks to hear back from your attorney. Brian and Jake alway give their clients direct cell numbers. Our team prioritizes communication, make sure all calls/emails/texts are returned promptly, even on weekends.

5. You Are Not Very Comfortable With the Lawyer

At the end of the day, the most important thing when hiring a lawyer is determining whether you feel VERY comfortable with that lawyer. Litigation is a stressful, expensive, and all-around the difficult process. You want to have a lawyer who is there by your side helping you through the process, and you want to feel that your lawyer is fighting for YOU and your family. Your gut instinct about an attorney and his/her staff is almost always right.

If you come across any of these 5 signs of a bad lawyer, it is in your best interest to keep looking for someone better suited for your case. 

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