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Recent Developments in Family Law

Family law

I am noticing some developments in divorce and family law in Central Texas over the past several months:

Changing Location of Cases: You've probably read about the really rapid population growth in the Greater Austin area. If you look at the details of these recent developments, little of the growth is in the Austin city limits. Instead, most of the growth is in Williamson & Hays Counties. The other surrounding counties are also growing fast. I've seen my caseload go from 80% Travis County (Austin) 6 years ago to 50% now, with the rest distributed in the surrounding counties.

Rise of Modifications: My caseload of modifications used to be about 25%. Now it is over half of my workload. There are many reasons for this, but much of it is driven by our mobile society. Austin has a very large number of people arriving each year (and a smaller number leaving). Moves by divorced parents with kids cause all kinds of problems that prior Court Orders don't deal with well, so they have to go to Court to fix those problems.

Interstate Issues: I used to barely represent anyone outside of Greater Austin. Now 25% of my caseload are clients outside of this area. Half of those live outside of Texas, and a few even live outside of the USA. Our mobile society and a series of uniform state laws (the UCCJEA - Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act) have made interstate custody litigation more common.

You can expect even more changes in the years ahead.

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