How “Conflicting Out” Attorneys Can Impact Your Divorce

How “Conflicting Out” Attorneys Can Impact Your Divorce

What is "Conflicting Out"?

We find this to be a truly dirty divorce tactic. The best way for us to explain what "conflicting out" attorneys is by giving you the real scenario. There are times where a spouse will call all the best divorce attorneys in town to try to conflict out the other spouse from being able to use those attorneys on their case. All the spouse needs to do is to provide enough information on their initial call that would create an attorney-client relationship, making it a conflict of interest for the other spouse to ever hire that attorney. 

What Does This Mean?

Consider the wife who is mad at her husband and wants him to suffer by not having a good attorney. The wife then spends an afternoon on the phone setting up consultations with the best divorce attorneys in town. The wife ultimately chooses one attorney and files for divorce. The husband then tries to call the best attorneys in town and goes through the first three; all three have to turn him down from even speaking to him because they are conflicted out by speaking to his wife first. This dirty trick can be extremely painful and often creates a difficult situation for the other spouse.

What To Do If This Happens To You?

You can potentially do good job of working up the evidence to prove that your spouse did this, it can be useful evidence in your divorce case. The attorney you choose to hire should be able to give you examples of evidence to retrieve to prove "conflicting out" was done to hurt you. Again, like many of the dirty tricks that we see they can be flipped around and turned on the other person, but it's vital you hire an experienced divorce attorney to advocate for you in these instances.

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