Look us up online - Brian and Jake are some of the best reviewed divorce lawyers in the state. You can find many of Brian's reviews here and many of Jake's reviews here

Here are some excerpts from the review, with links to the reviews themselves:

Yelp / Pete: "Brian Walters is an amazing attorney. This review is going to be slightly long, so please bear with me, but I feel a short review would not do proper justice to how well Brian handled my divorce case."

Google Places / Greg: "If you are looking for an attorney that is very accessible Brian is for you. BTW he did win our case."

Yelp / Cristina: "After contacting many (about 13) attorneys and explaining my case over and over, Brian Walters' law office was the one that made the best choice for me. I am in Illinois and needed an attorney to represent me  in Austin TX to amend my Child support order. Brian Walters was great with my case from beginning to end."

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