Calculate the Cost of Your Case

Curious about how much your case will cost? Our calculator enables you to get an estimate so that you can be financially prepared for the lawsuit. There is no black and white answer to this question, at least initially. Why is it so difficult to get an estimate on what you'll likely spend on your lawsuit? Because the overall cost of the case actually depends on two factors : the type of case and the level of complexity for your case. The more that the parties disagree, the more likely it is for the case to be resolved in a longer amount of time. Though this tool won't give you an exact amount that you can expect to spend, it will give you an estimate of what you'll spend.

Complexity of Case Defined

No Conflict - You anticipate that your case will reach a conclusion in 60 days (2 months) or less. Note : A Texas divorce must be on file for at least 60 days before a court will render a divorce. There are a couple of very limited exceptions to this concept of the mandatory 60-day waiting period.

You and the other party agree on ALL issues. This includes complete agreement regarding child and/or support obligations and amounts to be paid, visitation, property division, grounds for divorce, etc. You likely don’t need a lawyer, though you could still elect to have one.

Low Conflict - Your case will likely last 3-5 months.

You and the other party agree on all but one or two small issues such as child support or visitation time. You should hire one of our experienced associate attorneys if you have a low conflict case.

Medium Conflict - Your case will likely last 6-12 months.

You and the other party agree on most issues but there is one major issue that you do not agree on such as which parent the child should live with or what school they should attend. Though you don't agree now, you anticipate that you might at some point in the future. Hire an experienced attorney.

High Conflict - Your case will likely last at least one year (but less than 2 years).

You can’t agree on 80% of all issues, though you can agree to the smaller issues such as child support or who gets to keep which vehicle.

Extremely High - Your case will likely last at least 1 to 2 years.

All that you and the other party can agree on is the necessity of the lawsuit. You can’t agree on any issues or perhaps there are just a few issues that you don’t agree on but those are the main issues of the case. Cases like these typically involve issues dealing with complex property division, international issues, spousal/child support, substance abuse, complex custody issues, etc. Hire a Board Certified attorney.