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What Happens to Retirement Plans in a Divorce

Retirement Plans are often divided in divorces. Whether you have a retirement plan that you want to protect in your divorce, or whether you believe that you should receive part of your spouse’s retirement plan, you will need to learn about the difference between a Qualified and Non-Qualified Retirement Plan. If you are going through a […]

Dividing Hybrid Plans in a Divorce

Previously we discussed the difference between qualified and non-qualified retirement plans . In divorce, it is important to determine what type of plans you and your spouse have as soon as you can. But, qualified and non-qualified plans are not the only ones out there. Here, we will discuss hybrid plans, including local, state, and federal government plans. Dividing Hybrid Plans […]

Understanding Stock and Restricted Stock Options

In your divorce, your retirement plans, including stocks will probably be subject to division. Understanding if and how these plans will get divided is important as you enter the divorce proceedings. If you have stock options as an employee benefit, it is important to understand what will happen to this benefit in your divorce. Likewise, […]