Community Involvement

At Walters Gilbreath, PLLC, our mission -better approach, better results- extends beyond the office. We're committed to giving back in as many ways as possible, both by dedicating our time and providing support to those in need.

Our Partners

The Partners are enthusiastic, thoughtful, and tireless not only as professionals but also as leaders in their communities. Each is dedicated to making a difference throughout the state. Collectively, their efforts have made an enormous impact on organizations including Imagine a Way, Volunteer Legal Services, the Capitol School of Austin, Southeast Precinct Judges Council, Katy Sports & Performing Arts, Evan E. Worthing High School, IGVM Ministries, and others.

Brian Walters and Jake Gilbreath also encourage their team to give back personally. Scroll down to see some of the causes close to our staffs' hearts:

Sarah Gilbreath: Imagine A Way and The Capital School of Austin 

CEO Sarah Gilbreath serves on the board of Imagine A Way, a nonprofit dedicated to improving the lives of families with children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. She is also a member of the Junior League of Austin where she volunteer with Mother's Milk Bank.

Sarah and Jake are each highly involved in fundraising strategy and community outreach for Capitol School of Austin, the city’s premiere program for K-4 students with speech, language, or learning differences. 

"I am inspired to give back through IAW and give families that are just beginning this journey hope and the financial support they need to give their kids the basic interventions they need to succeed."

Robert Tsai: Houston Zoo

Houston Senior Associate Robert Tsai dedicates free time to volunteering at the Houston Zoo. Robert’s passion for wildlife has led him to bond with several of the Houston Zoo animals. Not only does he get to participate in animal handling with snakes, birds, tortoises, but Robert also volunteers time to assist at their gala, in fundraising, and other social events.

"I volunteer at the zoo because animal and wildlife conservation is important to me, and I think the zoo's mission is a practical way for ordinary people to interact and see what conservation truly means and how they can contribute."

Slav Talavera: Volunteer Legal Services of Austin 
Austin Senior Associate Slav Talavera coordinates the firm’s participation in Volunteer Legal Services, an organization dedicated to extending quality legal guidance to underserved communities. 
Volunteer Legal Services provides free legal services and advice for low-income families and individuals across Austin.  It helps those that need it most to navigate the legal process at the worst time of their lives. 
“In Texas our largest minority is Latinx.  A lot of these individuals are non-native speakers of English and are often taken advantage of as a result of their inability to effectively communicate in a court of law.  I consider my work with VLS to be of the utmost importance given that, when my family and I moved to the United States, none of us could speak English.”

Sheree Roberts: The Southeast Precinct Judges Council 

Client Team Manager Sheree Roberts enjoys contributing to the Southeast Precinct Judges council, organizing speaking engagements, and volunteering with Families for a Better Future.
Sheree continues to find time to stay involved with disaster assistance through New Mt. Zion Baptist Church, IGVM Ministries, True Word, and Washington Chapel.
Her volunteer work with Families For a Better Future includes using her passions by donating cosmetology services, working with the Cullen Christian Center Childcare on back-to-school drives. She’s provided hairstyles for children and made hairpieces that were donated to MD Anderson Cancer Patients.
Stefani Preston: Junior League of Austin 

Every academic semester, Associate Attorney Stefani happily participates in judging the University of Texas Law interscholastic mock trial competition, guiding students aspiring to achieve their goals.

She also has had the fantastic opportunity to join the Junior League of Austin in 2020. 

"I was encouraged to join by my coworkers Stephanie and Sarah after they told me about the rewarding experience they had during their first year with the League. I've been particularly impressed with the League's dedication to serving others during the pandemic. As a provisional member, I work heavily with the League's program Food in Tummies ("FIT"), which collaborates with Del Valle ISD to provide weekend nourishment to elementary school children facing hunger. I've been so proud to be part of an organization that acted quickly and strategically to ensure that these children did not go hungry despite the global health crisis.

Stephanie Abiassi: Junior League of Austin 

Along with Sarah, Associate Attorney Stephanie participates in a wide variety of philanthropic activities with the Junior Leauge of Austin. Every year, members are assigned to local schools or organizations to which they volunteer.

"Being a member of the Junior League of Austin has been an incredible opportunity to get involved in and serve the community in Austin. I've had the opportunity to participate in various projects with the Junior League, all very different, but all fulfilling. As a provisional member last year, I mostly packed backpacks with snacks, delivered to two underserved elementary schools in Del Valle, and ensured that kids didn't go hungry over the weekend. This year, I've been placed as a volunteer with the Austin Zoo, and I can't wait to get started helping out at a fun place for families to enjoy, even during the pandemic."