Winning A Family Law Case

chess-1483735_640.jpgAll clients want to win their case. But how do you do it? Winning your family law case is important to you. Your children or your hard-earned retirement could be at stake, for example. 

Imagine that your car is the facts in your case. The gas you put in the car is what you pay your attorney. Your driver is your attorney.

If any of these 3 parts are substandard, you aren't going to win the race. Hiring the best attorney in the world isn't any use if you can't pay them. Under the same reasoning, throwing a bunch of money at bad attorney is not much help either.

"What if My Case has Bad Facts?"

You can't really control the facts of your case the day you walk in your attorneys door. But you can control them from that day forward. If you are a person with a drinking problem, be honest with your attorney about this issue, especially because it is likely to impact your case. If you are a dad that works so much that you don't attend your kid's doctor appointments, your lawyer will likely advise you to start attending them.

Each family law or divorce case is different. But they all ultimately come down to the same factors. And usually the winner is the person who cares more, and is most willing to dig deep to make sure all 3 parts of their case are firing on all cylinders.

Ask your attorney what you can do to help win your case. I'm surprised how rarely clients ask me this question. I tell them, but it is usually better received if the client asks first. Click here to read more about the Attorney-Client Relationship.