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The Five Signs of Parental Alienation

People love their children, so it is not uncommon for parents to go toe-to-toe with each other over getting custody of the kids. Sometimes the parents are motivated because they honestly believe that it would be what is best for the child. Other times parents are motivated by fear, anger, revenge and/or a desire to control.  Regardless of the reasons, anytime parental alienation is occurring it must be identified and stopped as quickly as possible. If you think parental alienation may be occurring, take a look at this guide to educate yourself on the signs of parental alienation.

Will you win custody infographic

Will You Win Custody?

The courts will always look at many factors when deciding who will be awarded custody of a child, such as past parental involvement, the stability of the household, past abuse, and if they are older than 12 then the child's wishes will also play a part. It can be difficult to keep straight, even for lawyers. That's why we created this guide to help give you a sense of what your odds are of winning custody. If you'd like to learn more about your chances of getting the result you want, download our guide.


Inter-state Chilkd Custody

Inter-State Child Custody

Child custody cases are complicated as is, but when there is more than one state involved things get even more complicated. That's why we created this brief infographic to help.


Registering a Foreign Child Support Order

This handy chart will tell you what to file, when to file, and who files a Foreign Child Support Order.


Inter-state Child Custody Modifications

Determining whether or not Texas has jurisdiction over making modifications to your child custody agreement can be very confusing if more than one state is involved. that's why we made this handy flow chart to help you understand what jurisdiction your case falls under. 

Foreign Child Support Modification

Foreign Child Support Modification

This flowchart will help you understand the process of modifying a foreign child support order.