Maria Estes

Maria Estes

Discovery Paralegal

My late mother was my inspiration for my career in the legal field. She was a dedicated paralegal for 30 years, and I was fortunate to see firsthand the enthusiasm and joy she received from assisting people in our community. I recall evenings spent alongside her as she meticulously reviewed case files, and I observed her diligent notetaking. During my college years, a professor mentioned his recollection of my mother and found it amusing that I, like her during her time as his student, also meticulously took extensive notes.

Fast forward to today, where I hold the position of discovery paralegal, boasting over two decades of experience in aiding attorneys in the preparation of their client’s cases for litigation. My career has spanned various areas of civil litigation, but I have found that family law stands out as my favorite because of my ability to impact and assist someone in protecting what is most important to them, their family. Like my mother, I possess a deep passion for my profession and consider myself fortunate to be a member of the esteemed legal team at Walters Gilbreath, PLLC.

Our firm is unwaveringly committed to assisting families in navigating their legal challenges. We hold a sincere concern for our clients, prioritizing their well-being by consistently providing them with timely information, open communication, and reassurance that there is hope even in the most challenging situations. We stand ready to meet their needs and guide them toward a brighter future.


  • Discovery Paralegal, Walters Gilbreath, PLLC, 2023–Present
  • Sr. Litigation Paralegal, Herrman & Herrman, PLLC, 2020–2023
  • Sr. Litigation Paralegal, Thomas J. Henry, PLLC, 2003–2010 & 2019–2020
  • Directory of Children’s Ministries & Bookkeeper, Church Unlimited, 2015–2020
  • Litigation Paralegal, Porter, Rogers, Dahlman & Gordon, PC, 2012–2015
  • Litigation Paralegal, Keramidas & Sarabia, PC, 2010–2012


  • Texas A&M University of Corpus Christi, BAAS Legal Studies, 2011–2014
  • Del

Charities & Associations

  • Rotarian, Rotary International, Inc. (Business and Professionals Organization), 2021
  • Special Needs Advocate and Parent, Church Unlimited, 2016
  • Children’s Ministry Director, Church Unlimited, 2013
  • Business and Bookkeeping Associate, Church Unlimited, 2009

Personal Life

  • Hometown: Corpus Christi, TX