Can I Receive Alimony in Texas?

Attorney Fees & Billing

We bill hourly like all attorneys, but approach our billing in a way that is more transparent, honest and fair. We have an open and honest dialogue about costs. We publish our hourly rates and estimated retainer fees online for everyone to see upfront. Try to find another law firm that discloses this information.

Case Budget Calculator

Case Budget Calculator

We pride ourselves on our ability to provide clients with transparency as well as exceptional service. In an effort to lessen the strain of your family matters, we merged these two principles together and developed the Case Budget Calculator. This should give you a good estimate on the cost of your case.

Texas Family Law Podcast

The Texas Family Law Podcast

With decades of experience practicing family law between them, Attorneys Jake Gilbreath and Brian Walters created this podcast to help aid individuals navigate the legal system. Covering everything from divorce and child custody to business valuations and abuse, Jake and Brian are here to give you the information you need to help you through what can be a confusing and emotional process. 



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Explore our blog to learn about Family Law and stay apprised of news and changes to the law. These comprehensive articles cover everything from how-to’s and facts you should know before going to trial, to how family law courts view common-law and same-sex marriages.

Video Library

Video Library

Explore our video library to access concise, but in-depth videos covering a variety of family law topics such as complex divorce, jury trials, and parental alienation. Watch as top-rated family attorneys break down complex subjects for you and offer key insight from their years of experience.


e-Book Library

Our e-books are a great way to quickly familiarize yourself with a subject. Whether you're in the middle of a case or just starting to think about filing, these e-books will give you important knowledge you may need to get the results you want. 


Infographic Library

Family law can be complicated, so we created this library of infographics to help you visualize important information about family law matters .Here you'll find flow-charts and checklists to help better understand your personal situation and actions that may be appropriate for you to take.

COVID-19 Family Law Info

COVID-19 Info

Everyone is having to adapt to doing things differently during COVID-19 and Family Law is no exception. Check out these articles on how COVID-19 is impacting the court systems, temporary orders, and more.