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Ian Ebmeier

Executive Assistant
Learn more about Ian Ebmeier, Executive Assistant
My friends and family have always joked that I would inevitably choose a legal career. The first clue that they were correct appeared in middle school; I joined a competitive academic debate team. I loved the challenges of researching technical topics, preparing strong counterarguments, and finding new solutions to complex problems...

Mary Kate Brown

Associate Attorney
Learn more about Mary Kate Brown, Associate Attorney
Several years ago, in the midst of my own divorce, a lawyer gave me my power back; I spent the next seven years working so I can help others to stand up for themselves as well. In that time, I earned my undergraduate degree from Concordia University and my Juris Doctorate from St. Mary’s University School of Law, all while interning, leading The St. Mary’s Law Journal as the Executive Editor, and raising my two children...

Stefani Preston

Associate Attorney
Learn more about Stefani Preston, Associate Attorney
In the Fall of 2015, I began my journey at Baylor Law School, and my love for law—particularly family law—took root. I joined the Editorial Board of the Baylor Law Review, won the 2016-2017 Baylor Law School Family Law Advocacy Award from the Baylor University School of Law for excellence in family advocacy, competed in interscholastic and national moot court competitions, and even placed in the American Bar Association National Appellate Advocacy Moot Court Competition...

Stephanie Abiassi

Associate Attorney
Learn more about Stephanie Abiassi, Associate Attorney
After graduating summa cum laude from UCLA and joining the Eta of Los Angeles chapter of Phi Beta Kappa, I moved back home to Texas. Once in Texas, I began my legal pursuits at the University of Texas School of Law. While studying at UT, I participated in the Texas Law Fellowships, raised money so my classmates could afford to dedicate their summers to doing pro bono work, and mentored through the Law Students Mentoring Undergraduates program...

Sarah Gilbreath

Chief Operating Officer
Learn more about Sarah Gilbreath, Chief Operating Officer
I was born in Canada but quickly found her my to Texas and never left. I began working in family law while studying communications and business at the University of Texas in Austin. I love the challenges of working on complex cases and enjoy working closely with clients. I have worked in family law for over 14 years...

Mstislav “Slav” Pedro Talavera-Karmanov

Senior Associate Attorney
Learn mroe about Mstislav "Slav" Pedro Talavera-Karmanov, Senior Associate Attorney
I graduated with dual degrees from the Arts & Sciences and the Business schools at Washington University and set out to find employment in the corporate workforce. I quickly found corporate life to be monotonous, so after a year of working in the business sector, I returned to school to study law...

James “Jim” Piper

Of Counsel
Learn more about James "Jim" Piper, Of Counsel
Jim Piper is a trusted and respected name in the Texas Family Law community. In his active role as "Of Counsel," Jim serves as the most senior attorney at Walters Gilbreath, PLLC. In this position, Jim handles the most contentious and complex cases in Central Texas. Jim’s experience and years in the courtroom make him a valuable resource to his clients as well as the Walters Gilbreath team...

James “Jake” Gilbreath

Learn more about James "Jake" Gilbreath, Partner
I’ve wanted to be a lawyer since I was a little kid, but I had no idea that I would be representing families across the state of Texas in difficult and emotional divorces and custody cases. Where did I start in order to get here? My guess is that it is not where you think...
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