Family Law is complex, emotional, and incredibly delicate. We understand what is at stake and will advocate for you as if your case was our own.

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Jake has been an incredible attorney. He did an absolutely incredible job representing me throughout my divorce and custody hearings back in 2013. It was not a simple case by any means; I was asking for a lot. He was very straight forward about his agenda and executed them seamlessly. He got the other party to settle, and we signed off on everything I asked for, within reason. That arrangement was perfect for our family, but unfortunately, two years later, in 2015, my situation with my children’s father took a turn for the worse. I was uncertain what was going on, but I rehired Jake to help me sort it out. He immediately set up a meeting with him that Sunday (his day off). Within a week, we were in court with an order to test the other party for drugs. As soon as he found out the results came back positive for several drugs, he called me to meet him at his office to sign off on an injunction. He went before a judge that same day to cease all visitations until we could get a Guardian Ad Litem to further investigate. This escalated quickly from a modification case to a termination case. He communicates very well and doesn't beat around the bush. I have full faith in Jake. He has always put the best interest of the children first, and that alone lets me rest easy. Even though he has several clients at a time, he has never made me feel like anything less than his top priority. I would (and have) recommend him to anyone going through a hard time and in need of a fantastic attorney.


One never anticipates the day that life will get to be such a terrible mess, that despair will come, and the feeling of hope slipping away comes crashing in. All of the whirlwind of emotions and uncertainty goes away once meeting with Brian Walters and his team. My situation with gaining custody of my daughter was a difficult one, to say the least. Having dealt with my ex-husband's lawyer, who apparently made false moves, it was a breath of fresh air working with Brian. Facts will always deliver the truth, and his team diligently made an effort to ensure that substantial factual evidence drove the case. Although my ex-husband and I did settle out of court, I will call Brian Walters in a heartbeat if or when life shows it's ugly face again. If you need someone that is one hundred percent willing to fight for what is right for you, then the only task to complete is to pick up the phone and call Brian Walters.


I cannot sing the praises of Jake Gilbreath enough. He guided me through perhaps the most difficult time of my life—a very complex divorce—and gave me a new lease on it. Not only did he successfully help me secure what I wanted in my divorce and custody—which is already a huge success—but we had to win not only in one state, but in two. He artfully explained the law, the process, and reasoning for why he made the choices in our case like a partner or mentor. Incidentally, I also gained a dear friend and brother. Unlike many other attorneys I have met, Jake cares to a degree that is staggering, and it obvious when you work with him. Today, several years later, I still think about and am grateful for the decision [I made] to work with Jake and—even though she may not know it—so is my child. If you're thinking about utilizing Jake's services, do it. Thank you so much, Jake!

Mikal A.

I spoke with many attorneys and had one prior to hiring Jake Gilbreath, and [my case] dragged out for over a year. My ex used [a well-known lawyer], and many attorneys wouldn't touch my case because of it. [That lawyer] dragged everything, used every single scare tactic, and played really dirty, just pinning my ex and I against each other in such a nasty way. I lost faith in the justice system and couldn't believe [my ex] was able to get away with what he did. He left with all our money and maintained that powerful edge against me. I needed someone who wasn't afraid to fight for me and my children. That person was, and is, Jake Gilbreath. He made me believe in justice and fairness again. He knew every tactic and angle the opposing attorney had, and it never caused him to bat an eye. He stayed ahead of the game and encouraged me not to give up. Though my ex and his attorney performed some shamefully dishonest, inexcusable, and unforgivable maneuvers in the first round that traumatized me, Jake still encouraged me to do what it takes to restore a positive relationship with my children's father (because that is what is best for them). His focus is doing what's best for the children, and he doesn't care what it takes or who he's up against. If you need someone who is going to fight for your kids, your rights, and encourage you no matter what, Jake is the attorney you need. No matter how ugly and dirty the other side played, he never once entertained the thought of playing those games. He maintained his (and my) integrity the whole way through, [which is] something I really needed. I encourage you, whether you are a man, woman, father, or mother: if you need someone who is good, quick, ahead of the game, fair, and who works hard, don't waste any more time and just call this guy.


I had an awful contested divorce at the beginning of the year. I met with three other attorneys before deciding to hire Jake. As soon as I met Jake Gilbreath, I was impressed. He was confident and knowledgeable on the law, and was an excellent advocate in the courtroom. Jake took depositions of my ex-husband, and even stayed by my side when I had a breakdown at mediation. We ended up in trial, and compassionate Jake quickly turned into a bulldog advocate. He was well prepared, quick on his feet, and made me feel confident to have Jake on my side. We were incredibly successful in court, and I owe it all to Jake. He saved my family.


I was looking for a great trial attorney for a child [custody] modification. At Walters Gilbreath, they [went] above and beyond. I have a very limited budget, and they [stuck to it]. Their work is outstanding. Jake Gilbreath and Robert Tsai at the firm are the first attorneys who have shown they actually care. [They] put an interest in my case, listened to the information I sent them, and are very OCD. They get the job done right but also understand you cannot go bankrupt in the process. If you are looking for a great attorney, look no further.

Hannah H.

Brian Walters is an excellent, knowledgeable lawyer who is an expert at family law. My divorce case was very complicated since it involved issues of international child abduction and obtaining child custody. Brian helped me obtain sole managerial custody of my child, which is very difficult to achieve in Texas. Thanks to Brian, my child can live safely in the United States without the fear of being abducted internationally. I would also like to add that Raya has been extremely helpful. [She] studied my case in great detail and helped me understand the workings of mediation and all the options available to me. I would highly recommend Brian and his law firm if you are involved in a complicated divorce case, especially one concerning child custody issues.


Jake helped me through the emotional and legal minefield of a first-time divorce. I found him to be easy to talk with, and he explained what would occur in a manner that relieved my anxiety. I would not hesitate to recommend his services to others.


Brian Walters is a class act. He is brilliant, knowledgable, and a consummate professional. He and his incredible team will fight like hell for you when it comes to your family law/divorce case. He is one of those attorneys who under promises and over delivers. He has this team of extremely bright, junior associates you will work with, who are extremely professional and smart. I have had the misfortune of having to hire many attorneys in my life, and without a doubt, Brian Walters was the best, hands down. He's got a brilliant legal mind, calm demeanor, warm and pleasant disposition, and he cuts to the chase when you speak with him.

Also, he is a master litigator! He is obviously well-respected in his field. You will realize this when you see the way he is treated in the courtroom by the judge and opposing counsel. You will not be disappointed. From your first conversation with him until the trial, Brian fights hard for your best interests. He is always available to talk and respond to your questions via his cell phone, email, or text. That is extremely rare for an attorney. He is also reasonably priced for a family law attorney. At trial, he crushed the competition and won me a much bigger settlement than I ever imagined. He completely outclassed my ex-husband's lawyer, and this was an extremely acrimonious divorce case in which mediation had previously failed. I was quite nervous going to trial, but Brian was smart and incredibly savvy in his trial approach and explained what he was doing every step of the way.

You will be in the best hands if you go with Brian Walters. I have several girlfriends who were either getting divorced at the same time as me or just recently got divorced and had hired Houston's most famous and pricey attorneys. When I mentioned to them about how Brian was handling my case, they were stunned. Their lawyers weren't as masterful with their cases, nor had they gotten as much accomplished in such a short amount of time like Brian had. They also felt their overpriced attorneys didn't give them much individual attention—or even answer their phone calls on some occasions—something that would never happen with Brian. One of my friends, after hearing about Brian's prowess in the courtroom, is even considering switching to Brian as her divorce attorney. Don't hesitate. Just call Brian! He will be your secret weapon!


[A] Five star [review] doesn't do Slav Talavera any justice. When I hired Slav 6 months ago, I was embroiled in a four-year, bitter, and complicated family law case. Slav guided me through the entire process when no other attorney could. He was extremely patient and compassionate, and he fought for me with conviction. I finally [felt] as though someone was fighting for me—and in a family law case, that is what you need. He managed my expectations through and through, and I could not be happier. He's simply the best.

Betty T.

Brian Walters is an amazing attorney. This review is going to be slightly long, so please bear with me, but I feel a short review would not do proper justice to how well Brian handled my divorce case.

By the time I contacted Brian Walters, my divorce case had been dragging on for over seven months with no resolution in sight, and I felt that my attorney at the time was not properly representing my interests. I called Brian's office and was immediately connected with Brian. He spent over an hour on the phone with me listening to the particulars of the case, and explained to me how he would handle my case going forward. He even advised me on how to handle removing my previous attorney from the case.

After that first phone call, I felt like I was in control of my case for the first time since I had filed for divorce. I removed my previous attorney from my case and got Brian a retainer fee (which was very reasonable). I met Brian at his office, and was very impressed by the friendliness and professionalism of both Brian and his staff. After speaking with Brian for half an hour, he had revised documents filed with the court, a trial date set, and a strategy to close my case. He then (very professionally), contacted my ex with a settlement offer. Unfortunately, my ex was unwilling to settle, so we took the case to trial before a judge. Brian made sure I understood the process beforehand and was extremely competent, poised, and professional. Mr. Walters was able to complete my divorce case (with a favorable resolution for me) in less than two months.

Beyond Brian's excellent understanding of family law, his consummate professionalism, and his unflappable confidence, he is also very accessible. At no point during my case did it take more than 20 minutes for him to respond to me—even on weekends and while he was on vacation. Additionally, he always treated me with the utmost respect and made it very clear that it was his top priority to represent my interests to the best of his (considerable) abilities.

If you need a family law attorney, do yourself (and your kids, if applicable) a favor and call Brian Walters - you won't regret it.

Pete M.

I hired Brian Walters after working with other family law attorneys who made promises they simply were not able to keep. The difference between Brian and other attorneys specializing in this field is staggering. Brian's professionalism, calm demeanor, and knowledge of family law truly sets him apart. It is obvious from how he is treated and revered by opposing counsel, courtroom personnel, and others in this field that he has worked hard to earn their respect, and it is well deserved. Simply walking into a courtroom with Brian at your side gives you an immediate advantage with your case. He is one of those rare attorneys who actually listens to their client, gives common-sense advice, and follows through with what they say they will do. I cannot recommend Brian highly enough.

Steve J.

Jake was recommended to me by a friend, and [he] was a good fit for my needs. He was honest and upfront about my options from the beginning. He attempted to contact the other party's attorney to resolve the case before he even took a cent from me. He was prepared for every step of the mediation and subsequent trial, yet did not create a plethora of documents that only serve to run up the bill. He used our time wisely and worked within my budget to the best of his abilities to resolve any issues we could prior to heading to court. I trusted that Jake had my best interest in mind at all times. Ultimately, I think that is the most important part of hiring a lawyer because that is what put my mind at ease. Jake is empathetic but not the kind of lawyer who holds your hand every step of the way, so if that's what you need, he might not be the guy for you. But if you want a lawyer with a keen mind, a lot of experience, and a thorough understanding of the law, I can think of no one better. I hope I never need a divorce lawyer again, but if I do, Jake Gilbreath is who I would hire without reservation.


My attorney, Robert Tsai, who is an associate for Brian Walters, was an amazing attorney to represent me in the modification of the custody of my daughter. I am not one to frequently hire an attorney, and initially, I was nervous about having to retain [Brian Walters] to represent me. I looked around at other options for an attorney, but Brian and his firm were highly recommended. Once I met with Brian and Robert, they put my fears at ease. They were always available to answer my concerns and questions. In the end, they were able to provide a positive outcome for my case. I am so grateful for them. Just as they had assured me, I was able to get the outcome I had hoped for in my case. If I should ever need legal assistance in the future, they will be the first attorneys I will call.


Brian Walters and his team were very knowledgable and professional. A friend of mine referred me to another lawyer, who I originally went with and now regret. I don't think I'll need any more assistance after the great work that [Brian] did, but I won't hesitate to call on Brian and his crew if another situation arises.


Absolutely hands down best experience with Slav! Honest, respectful, compassionate and full of skill and zest. I can not express in tangible words just how amazing my experience was with this law firm, specifically Slav Talavera. We all know how tuff and unnerving a custody battle can be, but Slav calmed me and walked me thru the steps. He and his team where in contact with me every step of the way. From my first time in their office, they offered me refreshments and made me feel welcome and appreciated for choosing them to represent me. Slav was always sharp and on time, well prepared and organized. Most importantly he was easy to talk to and work with.

Slav was quick to answer any of my calls and his staff always responded swiftly and timely every. single. time. I was so impressed by the involvement of his staff - even Mary Kate Brown who was always so reassuring that I was not in this alone.

This law firm undoubtedly offers top-tier services.

If you are looking for a lawyer that is smart and aggressive, relatable, and has your families best Interest at heart, then Slav Talavera is your guy.

Best experience ever.

Amber F.

Brian came highly recommended by two friends who also suggested I fire my previous attorney based on his reputation. Thankfully, they gave me great advice—my other lawyer had me a nervous wreck. I trust Brian and know he has my back and am 100% confident he is protecting me, my assets, and my financial future. I highly recommend Brian to all of my friends, colleagues, and clients who have the misfortune of going through a divorce. Thanks for keeping me safe, Brian!


I am extremely happy to be a client of Walters Gilbreath. Even though they haven't been working on my case since the very beginning, I feel like they understand more about my case than anyone else who has been working with me from the start. I feel much better knowing I have them on my side.

Sanda F.

Brian and Jake listened carefully to my situation. They prepared all appropriate court documents and filed them the next day. Their staff was pleasant to deal with and very organized. Although I was under a great deal of stress from my spouse's emotional abuse, their prompt, and appropriate legal actions on my behalf immediately calmed the situation. I deeply appreciated their availability and prompt answers to any questions I had. They do things "above board" and "by the book" but are prepared for all the dirty players they come up against. You are under a lot of stress in a divorce. Hire this firm, and you will not have to stress about the legal stuff. They truly have your back.


My divorce was a nightmare until I hired Jake Gilbreath. I had been up against [another lawyer's] office for about eight months with another lawyer before I hired Jake. [The opposing counsel's] office was bombarding me with huge, long emails and demands that were unnecessary, draining all the money we had as community property. The injustice of it all was killing me. Their office was dragging it out, using all our funds, and we weren't getting anywhere until Jake got on board. Once I hired him, things were swiftly settled, and the whole thing was finally over. He not only saved me from spending more money on attorney fees, but he actually saved my ex money too—once we ended all the outrageous time/money coming from [the opposing counsel]. Besides all of that, I really like his demeanor, and he actually turned the whole thing into a more positive experience. He had the perfect attitude, and he [was] tough [when] going against [the other attorney]—he turned the whole situation around within weeks once he took on my case.


Jake is an amazing lawyer- his firm did a fantastic job representing me. They understood all of the complex dynamics of my divorce, and after being represented by two other firms, I was astounded at how efficient, diligent, pragmatic, and most importantly, how effective Jake's firm was in dealing with the issues at hand and getting my divorce settled. They are hands down the best family attorneys in Austin, and I would highly recommend them to anybody.


I was in need of a divorce attorney when I came across Brian Walters on a couple of different websites. He had many good reviews, so I decided to call his office. There was no answering service, no automated system you have to go through, a live person answered. I gave a brief summary of my needs and was told that someone would contact me shortly.

Within 5 minutes of hanging up, Mr. Walters called me from his cell phone, and we started discussing my case. I could tell immediately that he had a wealth of knowledge and experience. He was very upfront about how he thought my case would go (length, complexity, etc.) and about the expenses that would be associated with my case. Every time I had a question or needed some advice, Mr. Walters was exceptionally easy to get a hold of. Usually, he would answer his phone directly or respond to my voicemail with a text within a few minutes.

I felt very comfortable with Brian Walters. I knew that I was getting great representation, and nothing would fall through the cracks. I highly recommend Brian Walters to anyone seeking legal representation.


Jake nailed my specific needs. His honesty regarding family law provided me confidence while making decisions. Accessing Jake was easy—he was quick and thorough with communication. His experience with the delicate part of the law offered comfort to my family/me when it was most needed. Great guy!


No leaf unturned. All of the reviews given towards this man are absolutely accurate and warranted— Brian and his staff were the epitome of team workers. They never left me in the dark or uninformed on the process/issues proposed by opposing counsel. Truly to sum it up in one word: fantastic. I would recommend him to anyone needing a divorce attorney. Period!


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