Where Do We Practice? Texas.

Most family law firms limit themselves to a small area. We don't believe in that, since the Texas Family Code applies in all 254 counties. We are able to cover all of Texas because the law is the same and one of our offices is usually nearby. If not, there is always Southwest Airlines or a car.

Many lawyers fear the unknown, especially practicing in front of Judges or other attorneys they aren't familiar with. We have also found that our District Judges in Texas remarkably similar, regardless of where they live. They are intelligent individuals who are usually committed to doing their job. They want what is best for children, although different people on different days can see the same thing a bit differently. We have yet to see a Judge purposely do a child wrong or commit reversible error because of where they live.

We have also found that we can deal with any lawyer. The Texas Rules of Civil Procedure applies in all 254 counties as well. We're all operating under the same rules, which are applied pretty consistently across the state. Being a good lawyer is about half paying attention to detail, and half natural talent. We do both, and are fine anywhere.

Brian & Jake grew up in pretty normal families, and can relate to most anyone. They both live in large cities, but spent a lot of time with family members in rural Texas and small towns. We treat everyone with respect, and that goes a long way when we're on unfamiliar territory.

Greater Houston

Our Houston office is located downtown at the Lyric Centre Building at 440 Louisiana St., Houston, TX 77002. We are in Suite 2450 and have expanded to include Suite 723 in the same building. This office is managed by Brian Walters. Our Senior Associate here is Robert Tsai. Other key staff members are Priyanka Bins; Marmar Kahkeshani, Raya Jackson, Sheree Roberts and others.

Harris County is the dominant part of Greater Houston, with around 5 million people. Our office is 4 blocks from the Courthouse, since we spend so much time in Court. We also take cases in Fort Bend County (Sugar Land, Richmond, etc.); Montgomery County (The Woodlands; Conroe, parts of Spring); Galveston County and other outlying areas.

Greater Austin & San Antonio

 Both Brian Walters & Jake Gilbreath started their legal careers in Austin. Now Mr. Gilbreath manages the office, which is located at 508 W. 12th St., Austin, TX 78701. We're moving to bigger and better offices on August 1, 2019, so stay tuned for an address update.

We serve Travis County (Austin, West Lake Hills, etc.) as well as Hays County (San Marcos) and Williamson County (Round Rock, Georgetown, Leander). We also serve clients in Bastrop & Hays Counties, as well as the Hill Country Counties.

We serve the San Antonio market out of our Austin office, and we have a satellite office in San Antonio.

Key staff members based in Austin include: Sarah Gilbreath, our Senior Associate Slav Talavera, Taylor Roznovsky, Catherine Fuller, Stephanie Abiassi, Ian Ebmeier and Jim Piper (Of Counsel).

The Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex

The Metroplex is the largest urban area in Texas, and we certainly serve it. We have many clients here and our office is located in at 8150 North Central Expressway, 10th Floor, Dallas, TX 75206.

There are 4 large Counties in the Metroplex:

  • Dallas County - home of Dallas, Highland Park and many others. This is the largest County by population.
  • Collin County - these are the northern suburbs of Dallas, such as Plano, Frisco, McKinney.
  • Tarrant County - the home of Fort Worth, Southlake and other cities.
  • Denton - the smallest of the Counties, it is home to Denton and many other cities and towns.

Additional Resources

We've created the leading resources for the most important topics you face if you're involved in or consider a divorce or child custody battle. These resources are:

and many more. We hope we're helpful and look forward to working with you if you need a lawyer.