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Ready to make a start in resolving your family law issue?

Our confidential online AI tool allows you to get started anywhere, any time and you can save your progress. This tool asks you questions about your situation and uses your answers to create an accurate & specific summary about where you stand.

The summary is personalized and the service is free. You can clarify your situation before meeting with one of our attorneys and get your documents and details organized. This tool was designed to save you time and money because we will have all the background information and can prioritize moving your case forward.

Better Approach. Better Results.

We understand how sensitive and nuanced Family Law is, so we adhere to the following guidelines to deliver efficient and effective legal counsel throughout the state of Texas:

Client Driven. Above all else, we strive to provide our clients with a flawless legal experience. We aren’t satisfied until we have done everything within our power to advocate for our clients. Our team cares about more than your case; they care about you.

Clear. We are direct and transparent. Court cases are complicated enough without the legalese.

Accessible. Our doors may close at the end of the business day, but our lines of communication are always open. We utilize the latest digital resources so you can schedule consultations and sign documents easily and from anywhere. We’re ready whenever you are.