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Recent Posts

Divorce and Access to Medical Records

According to the federal Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), all medical records are private and, as a rule, not accessible to anyone but the patient without the patient’s specific written consent. When litigation is...

International Child Abduction: Court Considerations & Preventative Measures

International Child Abduction is when a parent (who does not have the legal right to do so) removes the child to another country without an applicable defense.

The Texas Divorce Rulebook - Part 2


How are Child Support Orders Enforced?

A child support order can be enforced by an individual or by the Texas Attorney General. Enforcement by the Texas Attorney General is free and slower. Hiring an attorney is quicker but can be more expensive. This is too complicated to do on your...

What is the Child Support Cap in Texas?

Texas has a 'soft cap' on child support, which means that there is sort of a maximum level of child support that a person can be ordered to pay. There are ways to exceed this cap, but that is rare. The 'soft cap' is equal to someone making...

Understanding the Basics of Protective Orders and Family Violence

Amber Heard filed for a divorce against her actor husband Johnny Deep a while ago. Five days later she obtained a protective order after her husband he physically assaulted her. Such a protective order lends a big help in protecting a domestic...

Can a Court Deviate From The Child Support Guidelines?

The general answer is yes, but they rarely do. This is a rare occurrence because the Court values simplicity and fairness. Moreover, the Texas child support guidelines are presumed to be in the best interest of the child. The best interest of the...

How To Obtain a Protective Order.

In order to obtain a 2 Year Family Code Protective Order, the victim must make an Application for a Protective Order. This must lay out the basic allegations and requests for relief found in the Texas Family Code. Then the Court must issue an Order...

Valuing an Accounting Firm For Divorce

  When you file for divorce, you probably have a     million different things running through your       mind. You need to make sure that your                 children are taken care of. You need to figure       out how spousal support will play...

The Texas Divorce Rulebook - Part 1