Dirty Divorce Trick: Dummy Emails and Fake Texts

Aug 31

Dirty Divorce Trick: Dummy Emails and Fake Texts

Dirty Divorce Trick Dummy Emails and Fake Texts

With decades of family law experience, our team is fully aware of the dirty divorce tricks spouses tend to use, thinking it will help their case. In this article, we’ll dive into how dummy emails and fake texts can affect a family law case.

Why Should I Be Worried?

Everyone going through divorce should beware of the emotionally unstable spouse who has good technical skills. In recent years we’ve seen a substantial rise in instances where a spouse creates dummy emails, fake Facebook posts, and text messages that look authentic, but were never sent, read or posted.

Why Do Spouses Do This?

This tactic is often used in child custody cases to paint an unflattering or unstable picture of the other spouse.

What Should You Do?

It’s important for you to save any electronic communication between yourself and the other party, so if the other party provides inauthentic documentation, you will have evidence to rebuke it.

Here’s a Real Life Example:

A technologically savvy wife enters into divorce litigation with a not-so-tech-savvy husband, and custody litigation ensues. The wife then decides to create a fake profile of the husband on Facebook that looks identical to her husband’s “real” profile. Then she sends messages to her profile from the fake profile in which the husband appears to incriminate himself or make comments that could damage his custody case. The copies of the phony messages will get sent to her attorney, who uses them in the case as evidence against the husband.

It’s Time to Take Action

This happens much more frequently than you may suspect. When this happens, it becomes incumbent on the aggrieved spouse to subpoena records from Facebook, internet providers, email accounts, and other social media accounts to prove that the other spouse fabricated evidence. Fighting these allegations can be costly and time-consuming. It is in your best interest to hire an experienced Divorce Attorney to present your case to the Courts.

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