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I would recommend Walters Gilbreath firm to anyone who was in my situation.  I contacted the office a few weeks ago regarding a family custody issue.  At the time I was physically and emotionally a wreck!!!!  From the rep that answered the telephone to the paralegal, Sheree, to Attorney, Brian Walters, I felt like my issues genuinely mattered and to them.  They were all very professional, compassionate, and Mr. Walter's immediately made my case a priority.  Many of my issues have already been resolved and I'm so grateful for their help!  I'm looking forward to working with them over the next few weeks until my case is settled!
I was very nervous and apprehensive about seeking legal advice about the recent divorce filing from my husband but this law firm made the process painless. Sheree was very professional and even got me in to have my consultation sooner than what was originally scheduled.  She was very pleasant and encouraging and made a not so good situation not so bad.  I found Brian to be very kind and he provided excellent legal advice and even answered some of my questions through email before the consultation.  I am very happy I found this firm and decided to call. Highly recommended!!!
I am extremely grateful to have found Walters Gilbreath. I wish I had found them the day I decided to file for my divorce. My situation is extremely high conflict and I wish it wasn't that way but that is the reason I left my marriage. From my initial consultation, I finally felt like someone understood what I went through and still am. With Walters Gilbreath I feel like I have an entire team on my side. They truly listen and are amazing at how efficient and thorough they are about finding the real facts, the truth about our situation. I have total confidence in them and will continue to use this firm for all my legal needs. Thank you Walters Gilbreath.
Brian has been helping me with my child custody for almost 2 years now. He is a very professional attorney and is always there to help. Raya is very responsive and is always there to answer any questions. I would highly recommend this law firm!
Brian and his staff were great. Brian's direction and expertise provided me with the legal information relevant for my needs over several years now.  He listens and is steadfast which gave me comfort in the courses of action. I highly recommend him.
Over the past 6 years, I've worked with 3 different law firms and none of them could get the job done. I felt like they were just using me as a cash cow and the courts didn't respect my rights as a Dad. I almost threw in the towel but last year Walters Gilbreath came into the picture and completely changed things around. They treated me like family and fought for my rights and we won! Thank you Brian and Priyanka!
If you are looking for a professional and positive law firm to handle your divorce, this is the place.  The staff there is awesome! They are very professional and sensitive to your needs. Sheree Roberts is a very nice and professional and this office is great to have her on there staff.  She gave me great on options on how they will happen my divorce and kept me from being overwhelmed during the process.  I would recommend them to anyone that I know that is looking for a great attorney and nice and friendly staff.
Jake Gilbreath was my child custody attorney.  He came highly recommended and soon after filing my case I realized why. Mr. Gilbreath handled my case with precision and thoughtfulness. His office always kept me in the loop with court appearances and communication from the other side.   As a professional, I appreciated his attention to detail and the level of communication his office staff provided.   I seriously encourage anyone needing a lawyer for divorce or child custody to sit down and speak with Mr. Gilbreath.  You will not be disappointed.
Jake and his staff represented me in a multi year divorce that was highly contentious and complicated.  He was always responsive, honest, competent, never padded his invoices, and was incredible in court.  I have sent multiple friends to him when they required a family lawyer.  There are many family law lawyers to choose from in Austin; however, there are few that are truly competent.  I wouldn't have trusted anyone else in my own case.
These people have saved my life. I thank you all so much for your care, communication, professionalism and quality of service. When I needed legal assistance to help with custody of my son this team pulled through with 5 star service. To say they have saved my life is an understatement. Walters Gilbreath team with special thanks to Mr. Piper and Mr. Talavera. The life of my son and I is on track to a bright future thanks to your service.
I paid several lawyers, over 30 years, between 2 states who had failed to make any progress with a case complicated by government agencies' apathy and incompetence. Recently, Walters Gilbreath started from scratch, cut through the nonsense and accomplished more - in much less time - than I'd ever thought possible. Once I contacted Brian and any level of his staff, the "complex" became very simple. They cut through the red tape and produced results. There was no wasted time, expense or frustration. Unlike any others in my experience, Walters Gilbreath responds to client questions/concerns quickly and provides realistic, accurate information. Most importantly, they LISTENED to me. WG proved that they are truly advocates. They were objective, but they were also aggressive in representing my best interests. And, by the way, I would have written this review even if we had not been so successful ... without even having to go to any of the multiple courts. 
Brian and staff were extremely responsive from the get-go.  They were polite, helpful, and objective in their assessment of my case.  I would highly recommend reaching-out to them to discuss your case.  You'll spend a little money but what more noble a cause for your money than ensuring a smooth future for yourself and family?  Short answer, there is none. Spend the money and do it right the first time.  That was my goal and I am already impressed.  Brian, Sheree, and Priyanka are all great!
I got the opportunity to speak with Sheree, and Brian. They gave me A HUGE Sense of relief. I have a very high conflict custody issue going and and they were able to help me. After MONTHS of searching and hearing the wrong things, I feel very secure in my decision to go with them! So helpful, knowledgeable and responsive! This is exactly what everyone needs when dealing with child custody! People who care!!! Thank you guys so much for all of your hard work! I'm so grateful!
Jake Gilbreath and Stephanie Abiassi have been so amazing during this difficult time. They both have been so helpful and informative. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Walters Gilbreath firm. It was important to me to have experienced and knowledgeable lawyers represent our family in court. Jake and Stephanie made us feel like this was OUR fight and we were all part of this together.

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