Should You Hire a Board Certified Divorce Lawyer

Aug 31

Should You Hire a Board Certified Divorce Lawyer

Should You Hire A Board Certified Divorce Lawyer?

What is ‘Board Certification’?

Each year the Texas Board of Legal Specialization confers the title, ‘Board Certified’ on a handful of attorneys in the family law practice area. The process to become Board Certified in Family Law is a difficult one, and includes vetting by other attorneys, judges, and the State Bar, a long list of requirements, and a challenging exam. Additionally, a candidate must have at least five years of practice in a particular area to obtain certification in a field. The State Board then checks with that candidate’s colleagues as well as the Judges with whom he or she practices to ensure that only the best attorneys obtain certification.

How Difficult is it to Become Board Certified Divorce Lawyer?

There are over 100,000 attorneys in Texas, but less than 1% are Board Certified in Family Law. Once board certified, the attorney must perform and study at an elevated level to maintain their certified status. Attorneys can lose their board certification by failing to obtain sufficient hours of Continuing Legal Education or through misconduct.

What Should You Look For in an Attorney?

Finding an excellent attorney should be your top priority, especially for a complicated case. Once you’ve narrowed your search down to all family law attorneys with board certifications, check that the attorney :

  • Has positive feedback from other clients;
  • Communicates with clients and are responsive when you contact them; and
  • Is open and honest—both online and in-person—about their practice and fees, and how the legal system works.

It is essential to note that even though it can help to have a board-certified attorney, it does not guarantee that you will win—or even that you’ll be a good fit for the attorney or their firm. Do your homework. Make sure that the divorce or child custody attorney that you choose has qualities that align with your needs. Both Partners of Walters Gilbreath, PLLC are Board Certified in Family Law.


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