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The 5 Steps to Divorce

In Texas, every divorce case will go through the same five steps:

  1. Filing the Case

  2. Temporary Orders

  3. Discovery Process

  4. Mediation Process

  5. Trial

It’s important that your divorce attorney is fully equipped to help you win your case. (Click here to skip down to our video going over each step)

Here’s what you can expect during each step:

  1. Filing the Case:

    1. Drafting a Petition for Divorce
    2. Filing with the District Clerk
    3. Clerk Stamps and Returns
    4. Issue Citation
  2. Temporary Orders could include any of the following:

    1. Child Custody Rules
    2. Conservatorship
    3. Financial Orders
    4. Child Support
  3. Discovery Process includes exchanging any of the following:

    1. Bank Statements
    2. Financial Records
    3. Business Records
    4. Property Records
  4. Mediation is where approximately 80% – 90% of cases end. You can expect:

    1. 1-Day long process
    2. Neutral 3rd Party
    3. Assisted Settlement
  5. Trial

    • Only takes place if mediation process was not successful. Typically less than 10% of cases go to trial.
    • Our philosophy at Walters Gilbreath, PLLC – “To achieve peace, you frequently have to prepare for war.”
    • At this time, a judge or jury trial will take place.
    • It is extremely important you hire an experienced attorney who is comfortable taking a case to trial.
      • Pro Tip: Your attorney should be able to predict an appropriate range of outcomes.

Watch our video to learn more

5 Steps to Divorce in Texas:

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