Going through a divorce is incredibly heart wrenching, and after filing, you start to wonder, if you haven't already, how your marital property will be divided between you and your spouse. We created this guide to provide an overview of how property may be divided by a court in a divorce and how you can prepare yourself to help achieve a reasonable outcome in your divorce.

In The Ultimate Guide to Marital Property Law we'll answer the following questions: 

  • What is community property? How is it divided in a divorce? 
  • What is separate property? Can separate property also be divided during a divorce? 
  • What is commingling?
  • Who will get the family pets in a divorce? 
  • How does one prove separate property?
  • How does one prove community property?
  • What is a reimbursement claim?
  • How will a business owned by the parties be affected by a divorce?

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