Dealing with a Vindictive Soon-To-Be Ex-Spouse

Dealing with a Vindictive Soon-To-Be Ex-Spouse

With the help of their attorneys, most divorcing couples are able to reach agreements on how to divide assets and formulate a mutually acceptable parenting plan. However, experienced family law attorneys must prepare for the possibility of vindictive behavior that could otherwise cause real financial and legal harm.

Some examples of vindictive behavior include:

  • Removing a spouse’s name from financial accounts
  • Maxing out credit cards with frivolous purchases 
  • Making unfounded accusations of domestic or child abuse
  • Working to alienate the children from the other parent with falsehoods and misrepresentations.
  • Refusing to discuss minor issues with a spouse
  • Making unnecessary discovery requests with the intent of burdening a spouse with legal fees 

How to Cope With a Vindictive Spouse

Although it may be tempting to respond aggressively to vindictive behavior, the best course of action is simply to not respond. It is essential to remain calm and avoid retaliation. Additionally, you can insist that all communications go through your attorney. If you are concerned that your spouse poses a threat to you or a loved one, ask an attorney about the possibility of securing a protective order. 

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